Here we are! The 8th season of the American television drama One Tree Hill is launched! The show airs Tuesdays at 8pm on the CW and the season premiers Tuesday, September 14, 2010.


OTH 803-The Space in Between

Are you kidding? It was my first reaction when I understood that Clay and Quinn would be the main characters of the episode for the third time. I can't stand them! They are completely useless to the show.
At the beginning of the episode, Clay was still a "ghost" roaming the hospital. He met another "ghost" named Will, who was also fighting to make his way back. Will was a pretty interesting character and helped me to handle the out of body experience for the third time in a row.
Nathan insisted to give Clay one of his kidney in order to save him. What about his basketball career? He is about to play for the Charlotte Bobcats after fighting for years to enter the NBA and now he wants to quit...for Clay? I can't believe it! Luckily, the medical tests revealed that Nathan wasn't a match. Hurray! Finally a good news! But two minutes later, Nathan announced that his back problem was getting worse and that he might not play basketball anymore... What decision is he going to make? What will be the effects on his professional and personal life? Is the depressed Nathan (season 5) back to Tree Hill?
At the end of the episode, Will died and Clay lived thanks to Will, who gave him his kidney... Clay is back... What a disappointment!

The good news is that Victoria Davis is going to jail. She is finally taking her responsabilities for the whole financial fraud business. I was impressed by her behavior. She changed so much since the previous seasons. Is she finally a good mother for Brooke?

My favorite moment of the episode was when Jamie told Brooke and Julian that they're "going to make great parents some day". What more can we hope for? Brooke deserves to be happy and have a baby. I loved her relashionship with Sam (season 6). But what happened to her? She suddenly disappeared after receiving the letter from her biological mother and didn't give any news to Brooke... How sad is that? They were so close. Sam was definitely a trouble maker but she gave some fresh air to the show. Hope to see her back to Tree Hill really soon.

This week, the opening theme song was performed by Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy but I didn't like it.


OTH 802-I Can't See You, But I Know You're There

"I Can't See You, But I Know You're There" was the worst OTH episode ever!

First of all, I didn't like the theme song version, which was performed by Kate Voegele this week.
Clay and Quinn were (AGAIN!) the main characters and their out of body experiences made me want to hit my head against the wall! Seriously, how boring and ridiculous was it?
In addition, it seemed that Clay was used to this kind of situation and stood in regal composure the whole episode, even explaining to Quinn how it worked! Anyway, Quinn is back to life and Clay is still unconscious. I hope he won't make his way back.
Although Nathan and Haley's monologues to Clay and Quinn were touching, I didn't feel the same way than if it was Lucas or Peyton... I was strongly attached to these two characters but Clay and Quinn leave me cold.

Concerning Nathan and Haley's medical situations, we will have to wait for the next epidode... Nothing had been revealed this week.

Julian and Jamie spent the day together and we discovered another side of Julian's personality. It seems that Julian is clumsy and obviously a real loser... But, isn't it the way we like him? At least he is not the perfect and boring guy like Clay!

Brooke learned that the court holds her responsible for fraud because her signature appears on the documents containing the illegal behavior. Obviously, it's a forged signature...

Now, let's hope that the next episode will be better than this week... Tune in next Tuesday to find out!


OTH 801-Asleep at Heaven's Gate

To make sure that we didn't forget what happened at the end of the previous season, the first episode begins with a replay of the final scenes from last year's finale. As I've already said in my precedent recap, Haley announces her pregnancy, Brooke and Julian are engaged, Alex and Chase are dating (but Mia is back!) and finally, Clay and Quinn are between life and death after Katie shot them down.

I was expected a lot from this season opening but it disappointed me... No action, a storyline based on couples and a stupid gun shot plot.

The main characters for this first episode were Quinn and Clay (which pissed me off because this couple is extremely boring!). They spent the whole episode at the beach kissing each other to finally realize that they were just dreaming and that this gun shot thing really happened! Is Mark Schwahn an Inception movie fan? Anyway, their fates remain undetermined and I would love a dramatic ending!

Now, let's take a look at the other characters.
I was glad to see a happy Naley couple, especially after this long period of depression for Haley... I'm sure her new pregnancy will reinforce their relationship. They have been the "strong couple" during almost all the past seasons and they bring a certain stability to the show. But it seems that one of them will have to face a medical problem as we see both Nathan and Haley visiting doctors (Haley for a pregnancy checkup and Nathan for his physical before leaving for the NBA) and receive the same answer "I just want to do some tests", after asking if everything was okay... Will Haley have a problem with the baby? Or will Nathan face a new physical problem which could compromise his NBA career?

Brooke and Julian (my favorite couple) are enjoying their new "married" status and seem happier than ever, spending all the show in their bed trying to have a baby... Uh, hold on... I thought Brooke was sterile!?
But, then Brooke got arrested by the police for money-related crimes concerning her company Clothes Over Bros. Obviously, she has nothing to do with that and she will learn that her mother, Victoria, and Millicent are responsible for everything. They lied about how much money the company makes to their investors to better support the launch of Clothes Over Bros' men clothing line: Clothes 4 Bros. Will Brooke be broke again, like in season 4? To my mind, it could be an interesting thing. The "poor Brooke" was much funnier than the "CEO Brooke".

This season, we also have a new love triangle: Chase, Mia and Alex. I don't really know if it is a good idea because it feels like another "copy-paste" from the past seasons... But I definitely like Alex's behavior and temper! She reminds me Rachel Gatina and spices up the show!

I was pleasantly surprised by Mark Schwahn's decision to bring back the old One Tree Hill theme song "I Don't Want to Be". It was the real good news of the episode! The song will be performed by different artists during the season. Sounds great!

Don't forget to tell me what you thought about this first episode!


Brief Recap

For those who have no idea of what the show is about, this is a brief recap of the past seasons.

Originally, One Tree Hill follows the lives of two half-brothers, Lucas Scott and Nathan Scott in the fictional little town of Tree Hill, North Carolina. 

The two brothers have almost nothing in common, but basketball and the girls. They don’t even know each other until their seventeenth birthday when they play in Tree Hill high school basketball team, the Ravens. The rivalry between Lucas and Nathan is harsh on the court but also in their sentimental lives. Lucas falls in love with Peyton Sawyer, who is obviously Nathan’s girlfriend at the beginning of the first season. In addition, Lucas reproaches Dan, his father, for abandoning his mother, Karen Roe, when she was pregnant and for never claiming him as his son. Haley James, Lucas’s best friend, falls in love with Nathan after helping him as his tutor. This new “love affair” helps the brothers to forget about the past and begin a caring relationship. Nathan proposes Haley to marry him at the end of the first season, which is also the setup of a love triangle between Lucas, Peyton and Brooke Davis, Peyton’s best friend.
Then, the relationships between the characters evolve during the different seasons. New romances, jealousy, friendship, tragedies… Everything is made to keep the audience alert and interested. 

The first four seasons focus on the characters’ high school years. Then, to be more original or simply in order not to repeat the same mistakes than other TV shows, Mark Schwahn, One Tree Hill creator, decided to set the 5th season four year into the future after the 4th season. The story focuses on the “after college life” and shows the different characters struggling with their new lives and new jobs. Lucas is a published author, Brooke is the CEO of her own company “Clothes over Bros” (the title of this blog has been inspired by this brand!), Peyton, with Brooke’s help, creates her music label and promotes her first singer Mia Catalano, Nathan and Haley are parents and try to succeed in their respective careers (NBA basketball player and “Rock Star”).

The seventh season started last year without Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott) and Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer), after their wedding at the end of the sixth season. This is definitely a great loss for the show, even with the arrival of regular characters: Haley’s sister Quinn and Nathan’s agent Clayton, the movie producer Julian Baker and the actress Alex Dupree.

To be ready to analyze this eighth season, this is the plot at the end of the seventh season:
-       Haley tries to overcome her depression after her mom’s death and is pregnant again.
-       Julian proposes Brooke to marry him.
-       Chase (the bar tender) begins a new love affair with Alex after Mia broke up with him.
-   Clay and Quinn have been shot by Katie (a psycho) and are between life and death…