Here we are! The 8th season of the American television drama One Tree Hill is launched! The show airs Tuesdays at 8pm on the CW and the season premiers Tuesday, September 14, 2010.


Brief Recap

For those who have no idea of what the show is about, this is a brief recap of the past seasons.

Originally, One Tree Hill follows the lives of two half-brothers, Lucas Scott and Nathan Scott in the fictional little town of Tree Hill, North Carolina. 

The two brothers have almost nothing in common, but basketball and the girls. They don’t even know each other until their seventeenth birthday when they play in Tree Hill high school basketball team, the Ravens. The rivalry between Lucas and Nathan is harsh on the court but also in their sentimental lives. Lucas falls in love with Peyton Sawyer, who is obviously Nathan’s girlfriend at the beginning of the first season. In addition, Lucas reproaches Dan, his father, for abandoning his mother, Karen Roe, when she was pregnant and for never claiming him as his son. Haley James, Lucas’s best friend, falls in love with Nathan after helping him as his tutor. This new “love affair” helps the brothers to forget about the past and begin a caring relationship. Nathan proposes Haley to marry him at the end of the first season, which is also the setup of a love triangle between Lucas, Peyton and Brooke Davis, Peyton’s best friend.
Then, the relationships between the characters evolve during the different seasons. New romances, jealousy, friendship, tragedies… Everything is made to keep the audience alert and interested. 

The first four seasons focus on the characters’ high school years. Then, to be more original or simply in order not to repeat the same mistakes than other TV shows, Mark Schwahn, One Tree Hill creator, decided to set the 5th season four year into the future after the 4th season. The story focuses on the “after college life” and shows the different characters struggling with their new lives and new jobs. Lucas is a published author, Brooke is the CEO of her own company “Clothes over Bros” (the title of this blog has been inspired by this brand!), Peyton, with Brooke’s help, creates her music label and promotes her first singer Mia Catalano, Nathan and Haley are parents and try to succeed in their respective careers (NBA basketball player and “Rock Star”).

The seventh season started last year without Chad Michael Murray (Lucas Scott) and Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer), after their wedding at the end of the sixth season. This is definitely a great loss for the show, even with the arrival of regular characters: Haley’s sister Quinn and Nathan’s agent Clayton, the movie producer Julian Baker and the actress Alex Dupree.

To be ready to analyze this eighth season, this is the plot at the end of the seventh season:
-       Haley tries to overcome her depression after her mom’s death and is pregnant again.
-       Julian proposes Brooke to marry him.
-       Chase (the bar tender) begins a new love affair with Alex after Mia broke up with him.
-   Clay and Quinn have been shot by Katie (a psycho) and are between life and death… 


  1. Great recap of all the seasons!
    I love this show.
    Thank you for all your resumes ;)

  2. I really like your blog! I love OTH!!!!!!!