Here we are! The 8th season of the American television drama One Tree Hill is launched! The show airs Tuesdays at 8pm on the CW and the season premiers Tuesday, September 14, 2010.


OTH 805-Nobody Taught Us to Quit

In this week's episode, Brooke and Nathan face a hard situation. They both have to announce officially that they are giving up the thing they love the most: Clothes Over Bros and basketball.

Brooke announces her final decision to her mother in jail. Victoria is extremely upset and thinks that Brooke has lost her mind. She asks Brooke not to visit her again after saying: "I leave you alone for a few days and you go back to that stupid girl who follows her heart". I can't say that I totally agree with Brooke's decision. Life is hard, especially when you are working in the business field. Being the CEO of a big company such as Clothes Over Bros involves that you have to face problems and take hard decisions. This is nice from her to give up her personal fortune for complete strangers but seriously... does she live in Disneyland, where everybody is happy and gets along with each other?

Nathan announces his decision to Clay (his agent) at the hospital. Surprisingly, Clay is nothing but supportive. What kind of man has this reaction after losing his main client? I know Nathan is his best friend but still! Is he not concerned about losing his carrer as well?
Luckily for him, Nathan comes up with the idea of being partners, so that Clay won't lose his other clients while he is convalescing.
By the way, it looks like a perfect career move for Nathan. As a former athlete, he will be more than able to advise and represent other athletes.

About the others:
- Clay gets out of the hosital and returns home with Quinn.
- Chase learns that Alex is living town to play in a new movie.
- Mouth has the opportunity to work in sport broadcasting again.

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