Here we are! The 8th season of the American television drama One Tree Hill is launched! The show airs Tuesdays at 8pm on the CW and the season premiers Tuesday, September 14, 2010.


OTH 806-Not Afraid

The episode starts with a dream sequence at Clay's house. Quinn just gets up and goes to the living room where she finds Clay and psycho Katie sitted together on the couch. Their faces are covered by scars and blood. Clay can barely talk as he is missing a part of his mouth. Quinn is horrified by what she sees and runs away when both Katie and Clay stand up to kill her. She finds Nathan in another room, playing video games, and asks him for help. Nathan answers that Clay will be fine thanks to his kidney (the scene shows Nathan pulling out one of his kidney while talking to Quinn). Quinn yells and tries to find Haley. She finds her in her bedroom, bleeding. Haley tells Quinn that she has been bitten and that she has to take care of Jamie. Quinn runs away with Jamie and suddenly arrives at Clothes Over Bros where Julian and Brooke are fighting against zombies. The dream sequence finishes when Jamie, who has become a zombie, jumps on Quinn to kill her.

This episode openning, which obviously celebrates Halloween, was very entertaining. Sophia Bush (Brooke), who directed the episode this week, did a nice job! 
By the way, this dream sequence reveals that Quinn is still haunted by Katie, and we learn that she secretely bought a gun to protect herself and Clay. He realizes that something is wrong with Quinn, when she refuses to give candies to kids because she thought she saw, on the security monitor, psycho Katie coming up to their house. Clay advises her to get some rest in South Africa by taking a photo assignment for a few weeks.

Brooke starts realizing that she's lost everything and feels like she doesn't really know who she is anymore. Julian tries to cheer her up by complimenting her beauty and her talent. Then comes one of my favorite moments of the episode! Sylvia, Julian's mother, arrives in town and knocks on Brooke's door. When Brooke opens the door, Sylvia says: "Trick or treat?". Brooke, who doesn't know Julian's mother, thinks that this old woman is an idiot and answers her: "Aren't you a little old for trick or treating?". 

This is the first lesson on "how to start a wonderful relationship with your mother in law" by Brooke Davis! But after this incident, Brooke is trying to make friends with Sylvia and shares with her her wedding planning book. Sylvia ignores all of Brooke's ideas but is enthraled by Julian's ones. 
The things are getting worse between the two women when Sylvia dresses Julian up as a dalmatian for Halloween to match her Cruella Devil costume... After losing her company, Brooke will have to put up with Sylvia, who is (we have to admit it) a pain in the neck!

Nathan is scared not to be a good agent. His frist client is a young football player named Troy. I strongly believe that Nathan is going to be an awesome sport agent. He has sport in his blood, which is a considerable asset to advise other athletes. 

Haley has been getting regular phone calls from Erin and finds out with surprise that Erin is the singer who performed at Tric. 

Mouth and Millie are getting closer at the Halloween party, but because of a misunderstanding, Millie goes home with another guy who is wearing a Spartacus costume. The guy in question is tall and extremely muscular, which makes our poor skiny Mouth uncomfortable. 

I enjoyed the theme song performed by Laura Izibor this week. 


  1. Hi! I'm not a series addict but I find your blog interesting. I've teens at home and they are keen on "One Tree Hill" too. While reading your comments I realized that they have quite the same opinion as yours. they enjoy watching series and sharing their views with other teens on facebook or blogs... It's amazing. I listen to them and try to follow the characters'path but it's a bit difficult when you haven't watched the episodes...
    thanks for the different summaries.

  2. Hi Chris!
    Glad to hear that my blog is helping you better understand One Tree Hill world! Best wishes to you and your family!

  3. Thank u. It really helps if we've missed something! :)