Here we are! The 8th season of the American television drama One Tree Hill is launched! The show airs Tuesdays at 8pm on the CW and the season premiers Tuesday, September 14, 2010.


OTH 802-I Can't See You, But I Know You're There

"I Can't See You, But I Know You're There" was the worst OTH episode ever!

First of all, I didn't like the theme song version, which was performed by Kate Voegele this week.
Clay and Quinn were (AGAIN!) the main characters and their out of body experiences made me want to hit my head against the wall! Seriously, how boring and ridiculous was it?
In addition, it seemed that Clay was used to this kind of situation and stood in regal composure the whole episode, even explaining to Quinn how it worked! Anyway, Quinn is back to life and Clay is still unconscious. I hope he won't make his way back.
Although Nathan and Haley's monologues to Clay and Quinn were touching, I didn't feel the same way than if it was Lucas or Peyton... I was strongly attached to these two characters but Clay and Quinn leave me cold.

Concerning Nathan and Haley's medical situations, we will have to wait for the next epidode... Nothing had been revealed this week.

Julian and Jamie spent the day together and we discovered another side of Julian's personality. It seems that Julian is clumsy and obviously a real loser... But, isn't it the way we like him? At least he is not the perfect and boring guy like Clay!

Brooke learned that the court holds her responsible for fraud because her signature appears on the documents containing the illegal behavior. Obviously, it's a forged signature...

Now, let's hope that the next episode will be better than this week... Tune in next Tuesday to find out!


  1. Jamy didn't want follow chaze and mia!! Which lesson of morale for the children!!! Jamy we love you!!


  2. I completely agree with you Jake! Jamy refusing to follow Chase and Mia was hilarious! Jamie rocks!