Here we are! The 8th season of the American television drama One Tree Hill is launched! The show airs Tuesdays at 8pm on the CW and the season premiers Tuesday, September 14, 2010.


OTH 808-Mouthful of Diamonds

The opening was performed by Grace Potter this week and was very enjoyable.

Nathan heads to Atlanta to persuade Troy Jameson to sign with the Atlanta Falcons. Troy and Nathan meet Tony Gonzalez, a Falcons' player who has been in the league 14 seasons and who is a first-ballot hall of famer. Just before going back to practice, Tony tells Troy: "This is a great team. It's an unbelivable organization. And I know you got to handle your business, but I'm telling you, you should be here with us." Sounds like the rookie has a great opportunity to take!
Then, Nathan breaks out his first great speech by using childhood rememberings to convince Troy to sign:

  • Nathan: You have to earn it. And last year, when my contract was up, it was hard to know what to do. And with negotiations being so public, it was easy to compare myself to what other guys were getting or had gotten. And then one day I found myself getting bitter about it because my signing bonus wasn't high enough or they'd only give me two years instead of three. I mean, we're athletes. You know, we're competitive. We want to be the best and have the most and win. But then I asked myself a real simple question, when you were a kid, what was your dream? What was your dream, Troy?

  • Troy: I wanted to be a power ranger. And I wanted to play football. I wanted to be a quarterback in the NFL.

  • Nathan: And did that dream have anything to do with escalators or the highest signing bonus in league history?

  • Troy: No.

  • Nathan: You're here, Troy. And the money is more money than you probably ever dreamed of. But, hey, if you think you're worth more, there's only one place to prove that, and it's down there every Sunday. You can't prove it from up here. You have to earn it.

As an athlete myself, I can definitely say that this speech was convincing. A good speech is usually the one which reminds you why you are an athlete, why you make all these comittments to a team and what are your main goals. It doesn't have to be long to be efficient. Once again, feelings play an important part in a good speech. 
Troy takes the decision to join the Atlanta Falcons and becomes officially an NFL player.

Haley tries to get Erin to sign with Red Bedroom Records. Mia helps her by telling Erin that Haley is a very good producer.

Brooke finally signs away her company Clothes Over Bros. The poor Brooke is officially back to Tree Hill. Sylvia is still trying to organize the wedding as she wants but Brooke doesn't want her financial aid anymore and prefers to organize a small wedding that will be a "Brooke Davis wedding" and that she can afford.
Jamie is facing a child problem: braces. Haley tries to make him laugh and feel more comfortable with his new braces by wearing different funny accessories such as an eye patch and fake and redneck teeth. She also tells him that he shouldn't care about his braces because they're cool. At school, one of Jamie's friend (a girl) tells him that his braces are cool and Jamie feels much better.

Julian continues his work on his new movie, which will actually be a documentary about "what's next" in the life of every Tree Hill character.


OTH 807-Luck Be A Lady

This week's episode begins with a scene between Brooke and Julian. Julian is working on his new movie and tells Brooke that he doesn't have a best man for their wedding. Since he moved to Tree Hill, he is in this "Brooke bubble" and hasn't got close to anyone else. Alex, who is his only friend, wants to help him to find a best man. To do so, she organizes a poker night with all Tree Hill's guys. It was hilarious to see Julian really anxious before calling Nate and Clay. It was like he was calling them for a date!
But the poker night is not going really well and becomes more tense than fun. All the guys start ripping each other, from mean nicknames to who slept with who... Marvin (Mouth) explains that, in high school, Nathan punched him in the face saying that he had a big mouth and that is why he kept the nickname "Mouth". At the end of the night, Julian realizes that it won't be that easy to find a best man.

Brooke is going to a wedding expo with Sylvia, which is a good occasion to start over their relashionship. But because of their differences of tastes, the day becomes very quickly a real nightmare for Brooke. She even calls Haley to rescue her, but Haley, who is getting sentimental because of her pregnancy, approves all Sylvia's ideas, from the champagne fountain to the wedding dress. It seems that Brooke has to fight on her own! Luckily, she doesn't have to commit with any sellers because she finds Sylvia sleeping on a couch, drunk. She takes her home and when she puts her into bed, Sylvia tells her "I always wanted a daughter and today was everything I dreamed it would be". Is it finally going to get better between the two women?

Nathan has a appointment in Atlanta with Troy Jameson's manager. Troy has just fired his agent and is looking for a new one. The manager asks Nathan what he thinks about escalators but this one is not familiar at all with the NFL business terms and doesn't know what to answer. Nathan, furious, calls Clay and tells him that he is going home.
Back to Tree Hill, Nathan explains to Haley that he has never felt that stupid since high school. Haley tries to recomfort her husband by telling him that she screwed up with Erin.
Clay apologizes for not preparing him and tells Nathan that Troy wants him to be his agent. That was fast! A new sport agent is born!

Alex explains to Julian that she came back to Tree Hill to see Chase, because she loves him and that she wants to apolologize. But Chase is still very mad at her and tries to make her jealous by kissing Mia in front of her at Tric. Both Alex and Mia slap him for his childish behavior.

What did you think about this week's episode? Do you think that Sylvia is going to follow Brooke's ideas for the wedding or decide for everything? Do you want to see Chase and Alex back together?